Specialist Forestry Equipment & Subcontractor

We offer our own specialist forestry equipment and operational experience to other contractors in need of our unique services. Having worked with many large and small companies over the years, on a range of exciting and challenging projects, we offer fully qualified, operated hire of our specialist equipment.

We have the following forestry equipment for operated hire:

Goldoni Euro 45 tractor – At 1.4m wide and on large floatation tyres with a self-recovery winch, there aren’t many places this compact and powerful machine can’t go. With its skilled, FMOC operator, this small tractor can have a big impact on the efficiency of your project saving you time, money and a sore back by utilising our range of attachments:

  • Farmi 3.5t Timber Skidding Winch – With 50 meters of cable, a selection of slings, pulleys and rope extensions to increase its effective working range and pulling power significantly.
  • Nokka 1.5t Driven Timber Trailer – With a 4.2m crane, boom winch and matched to the tractor’s width for access. A tipping body and clamshell grab are also available for moving loose materials such as aggregate.
  • Flail mower – 1200mm wide and ideal for narrow access and verge cutting operations on paths and forest roads.
  • Pallet forks – Utilising the high lifting capacity of the tractors 3pt linkage and off-road abilities to move large lumps of timber and of course pallets.
  • Tipping bucket – Ideal for moving stone, logs and other loose materials across short distances and over difficult, unsuitable, too tight or too steep for trailers.

Specialist Winching Operations:

Winch assisted felling, timber skidding and timber extraction from inaccessible locations & waterways. With a comprehensive fleet of winching equipment including PTO, Hydraulic, Electric and Petrol Capstan winches, with additional snatch blocks, rigging slings, extension ropes, ground anchors and a 25t load cell, we are experienced and equipped to fulfil your winching requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help with your projects around the Central Belt.