Residential & Domestic Tree Care

Owning trees is a joy, however trees require care and attention to enable them to thrive and live long, healthy lives. Offering complete arboriculture and tree surgery services, across Scotland’s Central Belt, we provide tree surveys & inspection, pruning, crown reduction, crown lifting and crown thinning to help your trees remain safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, trees also reach the end of their natural life or become unsuitable for their surroundings despite our best efforts. When this happens, our expertise is on hand, to remove the tree safely and professionally with as little disruption as possible by felling or dismantling. We also offer to plant trees in place of ones which have been removed, helping you reinvest in the local treescape. In some cases, we can even mill the tree’s stem, on or off site, so the tree can go on to live a second life as a piece of timber with sentimental value in your home.

Please take a minute to read what our Industry Governing Body (Arboricultural Association) recommends when choosing an appropriate contractor to take care of your trees.

All work is carried out to the British Standard for Tree Work (BS 3998). Arisings such as woodchip, logs and other tree debris can be removed from site or alternatively we can leave them for you to use at home or within your business.